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Feb 22, 2021

Guest Lind Hartsell, NJCAA D-II Baseball Comittee Chair. Topic: Maximize the JUCO experience!!!

Feb 8, 2021

Tim Hyers is the Major League Hitting Coach of the Boston Red Sox. Mike Griffin is the director of player development at PRO5 Academy ( and also the Manager of the Czech Republic National Team.

Feb 1, 2021

Adam Wainwright with the St Louis Cardinals joined Trent Mongero for Mongero Monday. Adam highlighted his challenges understanding who he was as a pitcher, and what it took for him to develop conviction in every pitch. This conviction led him to close out a World Series.

Adam discussed his faith, adoption, mental game,...

Jan 25, 2021

Mark Scalf Former UNC Wilmington Head Coach 5 Time CAA COY Team USA Coach 941 D1 Wins 9 NCAA Regionals Averaged 3-5 drafts per year, including 2017 SS Greg Jones